Dream-A-Dream Testimonials


 I must say, Dream-A-Dream is what you call "doggie heaven". There is no way you can't be happy as a dog living there. The facility is great for all dogs, puppies included. There is a separate room for the puppies, where the mammas can get to them through a little doggie door. The dogs are very much cared for at all times. The backyard at Dream-a-Dream is set up for the dachshunds-they even have a slide for them!!!
I am looking to buy a dog, and would definitely put Dream-a-Dream at the top of my list of breeders. The personalities from each dog are the cutest and you can tell each dog gets love and attention from everyone around them. I can't wait to see the upcoming litters in hopes to find myself a little one!!! Thanks, Stephanie

 To Whom it May Concern:

I have been pleased with my purchase of a dachshund from Sherry Roger's Dream a Dream Kennels. She has a very nice set-up for the dachshunds with a nice crate in her house for the dachshunds when they are first born and a nice open area for them to roam and play in when they are weaned.

Mrs. Rogers gives lots of personal attention to the dachshunds. She truly enjoys playing and handling the dogs. She was also very open about me seeing the set-up and the other dachshunds. She let me spend as much time with the parents of Clifford as I wanted and, of course, she let me spend as much time as I wanted making a decision on the best puppy from the litter for our family.

Because I have several small children and I wanted the puppy to be at least 8 to 9 weeks old before I brought him home she kept Clifford with her for about a week after we made our decision so he could get acclimated to his crate and grow a little more. She also made sure he was up to date on his shots for me. I received a nice binder with photos of the parents, their AKC registration numbers, Clifford's shot records, and a good information packet on puppies. And because I was new to the area she ecommended a veterinarian that she uses for her dachshunds.

Even as a young puppy Clifford has become a wonderful pet for our family. Our three children really enjoy his company and I think because of the open family environment he started with at Mrs. Roger's place the transition to our family has been very easy and painless for Clifford and for our family. Sincerely, Carmen Lukner

Dear Sherry,

I want to thank you so much for the wonderful little Dachshund that we were able to bring home to our family.

I was very impressed with your facility and the cleanliness. The nursery area was immaculate and spacious and the puppies appeared to be healthy and active. We were allowed all the time we needed to view the puppies and to make a decision as to which choice would be ours.

And thank you so much for the notebook provided with all the necessary information for us to properly care for our new puppy. It is evident to us that you truly care about all of your Dachshunds and want to see each new puppy go to the right home.

Thank you again for our new Dachshund puppy. She is healthy, active and alert and everything we could want in a family pet.

Sincerely, Darlene Carroll

 My husband and I first visited Dream-a-Dream in spring, 2004, when we were puppy shopping for my mom. Sadly, we had just lost our own 14-year-old dog to cancer, and this search was therapeutic for both of us. Although we were not emotionally ready at that time for a new dog for ourselves, after talking with Sherry and visiting her facilities, we knew that we would return when the time came for our next puppy purchase. We stayed in touch with Sherry and visited the web site often.

As the arrival dates of the Christmas litters were posted on the web site, we knew one of those babies would be ours. As the litters arrived, I visited the kennel and literally held and “loved” every puppy until THE particular one touched my heart. On December 27, “Snickers” joined his two “sisters”, Sassie (Yorkie) and Sophie (Lab) and immediately fit right in. He is every bit the well-bred, healthy dachshund we knew he would be – personality plus. He has totally won the hearts of every person he has encountered and is the “favorite” dachshund at my vet’s office!

Sherry provides a clean, healthy, up-to-date nursery and facility for the puppies and for the adult dogs and treats each “baby” as her very own. As the puppies grow and are weaned, Sherry provides the required health-care and vet visits necessary. A to-date health record, registration papers, food, and proof of vet visits are provided when the puppy goes to his/her new home. Additionally, Sherry always accommodated my phone calls and visits prior to “Snickers” homecoming.

If give the opportunity, there is no doubt that we will return to Dream-a-Dream for another puppy someday.

 I was very impressed at how clean the whole place was. It was a dog kennel and yet, it didn't smell like what I had envisioned it would have looked.

Dogs health (looks) ~ room provided to sleep, run, play etc...- ALL Of the dogs' areas, whether sleeping or playing area was very well kept. I didn't see dog "deposits" everywhere which is what you normally see when there are a bunch of dogs. Again, it was very clean and the dogs all seemed very happy.

Nursery area - Wow! is the best description of the puppy nursery. The separate stalls for each of the litters was very clean. The doggie doors leading out of each one that enabled the mama dog to leave as she needed and then return was a good idea. The building was temperature controlled which was very nice. One thing that impressed me the most was upon entering the nursery, before handling the newborns, we were to use sanitary wash on our hands BEFORE holding the puppies, not after. That tells me they really care about the well being of their babies.

Sherry Rogers is very knowledgeable about her dogs! And that's a good thing since we knew nothing except for that was what my daughter wanted. She took us from the very beginning of adopting it through all the responsibilities there are in owning. She didn't just give us all the positive things to make the sell but informed us of the challenges of raising them as well. She was very thorough in all of her information. We had lots of questions and she was so patient to answer each and every one.

The notebook that Sherry makes out on each dog is very impressive too! It states the whole family and even has photos. Of course, when you tour the kennel, you get to meet them first handed which to me, was a big plus! All the take home literature, samples and health records is just like adopting a regular child...so to me, it wasn't just a dog. She takes her dog rearing very seriously! Keep up the good work!

We came with lots of questions and weren't too sure about getting a dachshund but after leaving, we knew that was what we wanted in our home.

With our crazy schedule, Sherry was very gracious to fit us in so we could come and view the puppies...TWICE! Sherry was very calm and complete in our "interview" which is what it felt like. We were checking her out and she was checking us out. Again, it felt like a regular adoption center.

Seeing the parents of the puppies told us what our puppy would be like or as close as to it. All of the dogs we saw were very well behaved which reflects on time being spent with each one. They love where they are and it shows. You can tell that Sherry has a good relationship with her dogs in how they respond to her. It's truly awesome!

You did a wonderful job in the whole process from the beginning to the day of pick up.

I didn't see anything that I would change! Keep up the great work!

Hi, Sherry.

Thanks so much for sending us the new pictures of the latest litters. They are so precious and only make me wish that I could buy another one!
I am remiss for not e-mailing you sooner and updating you on our precious "Snickers." He is just a delight - VERY cute personality, sweet, and loveable. In fact, as I am typing this note, he is in my lap - spoiled to say the least. His coloring is definitely his mom's, but his profile and mannerisms remind me so much of Rowdy. When he sits in the sun in the backyard, he looks like Rowdy's profile that is on your web site. Although he was the runt of his litter, I think that he will probably be around 10 pounds. At his last checkup, he weighed 8 lbs., and my vet thinks that he will gain another pound or two. I had hoped that he would stay small, but needless to say, we love him every bit as much as we anticipated.
He and Sophie, our 90 lb. black lab, are very good buddies. There are times when he pesters her to death, but she is very patient with him, and they are so good for each other. As anticipated, Sassie, my Yorkie, is her usual snobby self. She accepts him on her terms only, but that doesn't stop Snickers. She may yell and growl at him, but he never gives up trying to charm her! I think that deep down, he is the typical younger brother - just loves to aggravate her.
Everyone at my vet's office is in love with Snickers, and I never fail to tell people where we bought him. It's obvious that he is from "good stock."
Good luck with the new babies. If I had the money and the facilities, I would buy ALL of them!
Thanks for being good at what you do.


 We would like to take a minute and thank you for our positive experience at Dream-A-Dream. We were immediately impressed upon our arrival to your facility, not only did it offer a spacious place for the dogs to play and sleep, but it was gleaming with happy, healthy doxies!. We loved that the puppies had their own climate controlled nursery which kept them safe and comfortable. All of the dogs and puppies were very friendly, and people oriented, which made it obvious to us that they received a lot human interaction and love. We are thankful for all the time we were able to spend with the dogs, and appreciate the knowledge of the breed you shared with us. -Karen Moody