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We are so excited to have the Austin American Statesman do an article on Dream A Dream. Also, see our interview with Fox News San Antonio and The Today Show also called. Look for future articles on Dream A Dream in the AKC Family Dog magazine.

Sherry Rogers opened her camp for portly pups late last year at the dachshund boarding and breeding business she runs out of her Hutto home. Click the below articles for more information

Austin American Stateman - Fat Camp

FOX NEWS Doggie Fat Camp report

This is a new addition to Dream A Dream, established in September 2006. Our goal at Dream A Dream is to help our faithful companions get into shape. We will continue to work on this program through out the years to enhance it to fully benefit our canine companions. All your suggestions and help is welcome as we undergo this new phase in our establishment.

Much like their owners, more and more dogs worldwide are showing signs of obesity. Besides limiting their enjoyment of life as a dog, extra body weight can lead to to joint and heart problems, shorter lives, and sometimes behavioural issues.

The easiest way to tell whether or not your dog is obese is to examine his body. Try the following:

Have him stand up, then stand above him. Does his/her body slope inward at the waist (can you see his/her waist curve line)?
Run your hands over his sides from front to back legs. Can you feel his ribs fairly easily?
Feel the base of his tail. Are the bones easily detectable?
Look at him from the side. Does his tummy slope upward as it gets closer to his tail?
If you answered no to any of the questions, your pup is probably overweight. If you answered "What waist/ribs/tail bones?" your pup is probably obese.

Did your last visit to the vet end in "Your baby needs to shed a few pounds?"

Dream A Dream is here to help, we are here to kick start that New Years Resolution ~ "WE ARE GOING TO lOSE WEIGHT". Your baby will come to stay with us for a full month of Doggie Boot Camp. Your Camp will consist of the below:

Complete vet physical including blood panel work

 A mainteance program

 Vet Recommened Diet

 All test and weight lose results faxed to your veteranarian

An exercise program designed with your dog in mind: age versus ability

  Most important, a fun, awesome place to come and hang out and enjoy other canine company while at fat camp

Other Activities that will be incorporated into your dogs weight program during the day

  swimming & hiking weather permitting, treadmill walks