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General Dachshund Information:

American Kennel Club - This links to AKC's description of recognized dachshunds and gives a general description of the variety of characteristics available in the breed.

Below you will find several listed dachshund breeders, this is for your convenience to help in your search for a new family addition. Please do your homework in selecting your breeder. The below banners are listed as a courtesy, it is your job to be a responsible pet buyer just as much as it is the breeders job to be a responsible breeder. Please due your diligent homework and choose your next LIFETIME family member with the same care/caution you would in adopting an infant.

If you have a dachshund web site, we'd be happy to place a link to your site here if your willing to do the same for our site

-Doxie Breeders -Doxie Rescue -Dream-A-Dream

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