Dolly and Kenny came in together from the city pound. Kenny was not able to walk or feel his rear toes. We used a walker to help him regain his ability to walk.  Now he is getting around pretty well and no longer needs a wheelchair. He moves a bit slow, however, he is quite self-reliant. He is such a sweet boy and will make a great companion. Ideally, we would like to keep Kenny and Dolly together. In which case we would be willing to work with you on the rehoming fees.

Short Name : Kenny
Sex : Male
Color : Red & White Piebald
Price : $150.00

Availble for Adoption!


Here at Dream A Dream we offer many options for you & your Dachshund.
Vacation Boarding accomadations, Dachshund Fat Camp, Conformation Show Potentials & puppies that not only love to be couch/lap partners but true to the breed hunting field partners.